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    LetBet Vision

    To provide a trustless, borderless, secure, and fast online gambling platform powered by blockchain.

    The end users (players) are central to the LetBet system. Hence all game would be written in the smart contract, where no-one could control the game. We provide a fair and sufficiently randomise game for every player.

    Our platform extends to developers who are interested in bringing along their business model through our platform; and bookmakers to join and build a new online gambling platform that is trustless, borderless, secure, fast and powered by blockchain.

    And the most important part is that our blockchain is not limited to online gambling, it can be used for many other purposes. It is, like all other blockchains, a completely open source, free and secure hyperledger that can be used to host a variety of other products.



    Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

    let bet ico pre sale
    let bet ico crowdsale

    Affiliate Program Bonus


    The LETBET Solution As Platform

    What the LetBet team has brought to the table in way of eliminating or tackling the existing problems as identified above, especially those unique to the online gambling industry.


    ANONYMITY- Every player, plays simply with their level of expertise and not as a result of prior knowledge of the game

    FREEDOM AND FLEXIBILITY - an online betting platform that is conducted through smart contracts rather than on a centralized network of computers

    The LETBET Solution As Platform
    The LETBET Product Achitecture

    The LETBET Product Achitecture

    The LetBet concept is unique - P2P SMART CONTRACT

    Unlike others, it’s not just a P2P Smart Contract-Based Game, but that which is customized to suit the online gambling industry in a way that will simultaneously service third party online gambling developers, and the end-users (players).

    With our P2P smart contract, from the time when the game was initiated, through to the point where your result is seen and funds remitted, you remain anonymous and secure through a smart contract with the blockchain system.

    The LETBET Game User Flow

    Seamless Flow of Gaming

    Enjoy the seamless flow of gaming activity without the usual disruption. With our concept, you only need to browse the game you want, choose it, activate your wallet on it, make a deposit (through a smart contract in seconds), play and end game, then withdraw your funds to your wallet anonymously.

    The LETBET Game User Flow

    Our Team

    • advisor avatar

      Jitendra Rathod - India

      Advisor - Content Manager

      Jitendra is a B2B and B2C marketing writer and content strategist. He has worked for many companies working in different sectors - life sciences, finance, law, blockchain, online gambling and many more. He is passionate about the immense opportunities that blockchain technology affords us and is hopeful of a better tomorrow that is truly democratic. He loves to write and research about blockchain technology’s ability to touch every aspect of human endeavor.

    • advisor avatar

      Bill Healey - US

      Casino Advisor - Business Development Manager

      Bill is a well-known international journalist with over three decades of experience in the fields of hospitality,casino gaming and leisure. He has successfully opened new markets for several western companies and now he works for to connect more bookmarkers, game providers with the LBT platform.

    • advisor avatar

      Awais Bajwa - UK

      Gambling Regulation Advisor & Legal Services Director

      Awais Bajwa is a licensed attorney University of London. He has robust experience of working in a variety of industries while providing legal services including, Information Technology, Corporate & Commercial, Insurance and Civil law. He has also been providing legal advice to his clients based in USA, UK, EU and Australia through online legal services marketplaces. He was awarded with Gold Medal in Constitution Law for his distinction. He was also the captain of the winning team of "Jurist of the Year" competition held in 2009. His rich experience serves well as he smoothens legal creases and guides the team effortlessly through the myriad laws and regulations of online gambling.

    • advisor avatar

      Aleksey Batishev - Russia

      Online Gambling Advisor and European Expansion Manager

      Aleksey is an astute business development manager with a robust background in the field of online gaming and gambling.. With more than 15 years of professional working experience in different segments of the online gambling industry, he has successfully become part of outstanding innovations in the online gambling space. He is the International Moderator of the Gambling Portal Webmasters Association (GPWA). Currently, he is the Business Development Manager for LetBet and help expand LetBet’s business in the Russian and Eastern European Markets.

    There are also more than 12 developers, designers, UX experts who are working tirelessly on the LetBet BlockChain and Betting Platform to bring to you the best product as soon as possible. If you believe in our vision, please mail us at [email protected] We are looking for passionate and creative individuals to take the revolution forward.

    Frequently Asked Question

    LetBet is an online gambling platform that aims at providing a trustless, borderless, secure, anonymous and fast online gambling platform with zero fee, seamlessly for all participants in a typical online gambling system powered by the LBT blockchain.
    LBT wallet is an open-source & client-side tool. You could use the cloud-based version or download and use it locally.

    Here are the steps to create a wallet on
    1. Select [NEW WALLET] in the main menu on the top.At this step, you will be asked for entering a password which is used to unlock your wallet.
      1. Your password must be at least 8 characters in length
      2. Click [Create New Wallet] to create your wallet.
    2. If your wallet is created successfully, you can see the address and private key of your wallet.
    3. Due to the fact that we won’t keep any information about your wallet, So there are some important notes you should keep in mind.
      1. We cannot recover or restore your wallet in case of losing your private key by any means.
      2. Backup! Backup your wallet.
      3. In order to backup your wallet, you either can keep your raw private key in somewhere or download encrypted private key as a json file by clicking [Save Encrypted Wallet]
    To participate in the ICO, you would need to follow the steps below:
    1. Signup to our whitelist
    2. Create your own wallet, update your address on ICO site
    3. (Optional) Request bonus (0.1LBT) to make sure your address is working well
    4. Deposit BTC or ETH to your wallet (during the ICO, you could buy LBT using your BTC or ETH)
    To be able to play games on our gambling system, you must

    1. Have an LBT wallet, check this article.
    2. Make sure that you have a positive balance in your wallet by buy LBT or request an LBT Bonus.
    3. Login or Connect your wallet to gambling system: You can login to gambling system with the account which you created on
    4. Deposit to gambling platform... read more
    Yes, we do offer an exciting Affiliate Program.
    We believe that instead of wasting cost on advertisement, launching an Affiliate program will help grow faster.
    Players and promoters are the two main targets in our affiliate program, and the process is divided into two stages: the pre-ICO & Post-ICO.... read more

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    Sign up to receive 100 Felix, and earn even more in games.